Premier Pro Review

Premier Pro Review

I decided to do this Premier Pro review because I know that finding a good football tipster that is consistent and delivers a selective yet profitable approach to football betting is not easy.

Premier Pro is a football tipster service for the Tipsters4U tipping network, for just £9.99/month this service has surprised me.

Before you pay a penny for it, it comes with a 1-month free trial!

How Easy Is Premier Pro To Follow

Focusing solely on the English Premier League Premier Pro only tips during Premier League game weeks and on any given game day only provides 1 selection, meaning you will only get 2-3 tips max per week.

This makes it mega easy to follow this tipster bets, with less than 15 bets a month usually the results have been pretty good especially when membership cost is under a tenner a month.

The selective and refined approach works well and each selection comes with a small write-up with reasoning on why the tipster thinks the selection will come in.

Premier Pro Is Profitable To Follow

Since launching the service this tipster has managed to accrue a profit of 14 points (at the time of writing in December 2023).

The service launched in August 2023 so in four months 14 points is an average profit in points of 3.5 per month, so at £10 per point you would have made £35 a month profit on bets minus the £10 membership fee is £25 clean tax-free profit per month, doesn’t sound much but when there are usually 12 bets or less in the month you can theoretically upscale your betting over time.

I have been staking £25 per bet making my profit each month £77.50 after membership fee deduction, and I plan to scale my bets up by another £10 each month, meaning my profits will increase over time.

Types Of Bets Advised

Premier Pro provides win-only bets for football usually being a home win or away win, both teams to score or both teams to score and a to-win type bet, with the occasional handicap or over-under-goals bet thrown in.

They do not provide long shot bets like football accas with this service.

Profit Loss Records?

Yes, full profit loss records are kept for each Tipsters4U service and there is no exception when it comes to Premier Pro, you can click here to see their profit loss records now.

1 Month Free Trial

Taking the 1-month trial really is an easy yes, it’s free and you can cancel at any time in your Paypal account, even then the tipster’s services only cost £9.99/month its one of the cheapest yet most professional football tipsters I have ever used.

Customer Service Any Good

Easy tog et hold of someone at Tipsters4U and they are very helpful in resolving any issues I have, I highly recommend their platform and most of all Premier Pro!

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