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Profit loss includes only Premier League selections, pre-season tips, lower league, and cup matches are not included. I specialize in Premier League tips mostly but from time to time give other selections to fill in seasonal voids such as international break etc.

2018/19 Premiership Season Results

Hi, If you want to see full tip history for the whole of the 2018/19 season simply click the two links below and you will see every email I sent during the 2018/19 season! The season ended with a 9.78% ROI (return on investment).

View August 2018 till Jan 2019 Profit Loss Here

View Feb 2019 till May 2019 Season End Profit Loss Here

Overall 2018/19 Premiership Season Results

Overall 2018/19 Season Profit/Loss = +£205.35 from £2099 staked

Overall 2018/19 Season ROI (Return On Investment) = 9.78%

Monthly break down of profit/loss far for the 2018/19 Premiership season

  • August: +£261.92 Profit from£141 staked
  • September: +£25.75 Profit from £159 Staked
  • October: –£62.25 Loss from £196 Staked
  • November: -£51.50 Loss from £187 Staked
  • December: +£19.72 Profit from £351 Staked
  • January: +£153.95 Profit from £208 staked
  • February: +£50.60 Profit from £249 staked
  • March: -£22.30 loss from £150 staked
  • April: -£161.54 loss from £388 staked
  • May: +£3.67 profit from £90 staked (Season ended 12th May)

2019/20 Premiership Season Results So Far

Results will appear here from August when the new season has begun